Elimination Diets and Food Sensitivities

Hi there! Recently in one of my Institute of Integrative Nutrition course we covered autoimmune disorders and food sensitivities. There is scientific studies that have closely linked certain foods and food sensitivities to autoimmune disorders. The main culprits were listed as gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, and corn. My course explained that these 5 foods have been known to cause inflammation in the body and increased inflammation can lead to autoimmune disorders.

When i was 15 or 16 I started to have issues with my right eye. It became red, light sensitive, with blurry vision, and pain. All of these symptoms came within 7 days and I was diagnosed with viral pink eye by three different doctors but the medication was not working so my mom demanded we see an eye doctor. The eye doctor took one look and diagnosed me with Uveitis which is medical jargon for inflammation in the eye. Uveitis can be caused three different ways, the first being trauma to the eyes, the second being an autoimmune disorder, and the third is simply unidentified causes. At that time I revealed I took at least 4 advil a day to help with my back pain that we had assumed had come from carrying my backpack around all day. At that point the eye doctor took more blood tests and it was revealed that I had a gene that is linked to the autoimmune system so I was referred to a rheumatologist. At that appointment I was fine but the next day I woke up and could not walk because my ankles had swollen the size of lacrosse or tennis balls. When we called the doctor she diagnosed me with juvenile arthritis. From there I was placed on multiple medications to suppress my immune system which I am still on today. It was supposed to be around a 7 year journey to get better and off the medications but we have hit the 7 year mark and we are just now slowly getting off the medications. This background is the reason I found the food sensitivities and inflammation lecture so fascinating.

The lecture suggested people try an elimination diet where you cut out all 5 of the foods for three weeks and then slowly re-incorporate them back into your diet one at a time. I thought that would not be too difficult and I eat a lot of soy and gluten products so I would be interested to know if I feel better without them. I made a mock meal plan and am now in the middle of the second week of the elimination diet. I honestly did not think it would be this hard. I really want tacos for some reason and it has taken all my strength not to break. However, I am hopeful to see how it works out. I will also post the meals that I had eaten during the elimination diet at one point.

Have you guys ever completed an elimination diet or found out you have a food sensitivity? Let me know in the comments below.


Life Update

Hey guys! I just wanted to write this post to apologize. I had plans for this blog and I have not followed through on them. Recently, I have not been posting and the things that I have posted have not been up to my standard. Therefore, I want to apologize for not following through on my commitment to this blog. I am going to start posting again and spend more time on writing content that I approve of. I still want to explore food, fitness, and wellness. I also want to be more transparent about my life and my fitness journey so far. I appreciate all of your understanding as I figure out the best way to run this blog.




Wellness Wednesday: Tech Detox

Good Morning! Today’s post will be a wrap up about a wellness challenge I completed over the last 30 days. I stumbled upon the audiobook, How to Break Up with Your Phone: The 30 Day Plan to Take Back Your Life by Catherine Price. In this audiobook, it talks about the side effects of technology use and the recent discovery of how addicting technology has become. I really enjoyed this book because it literally gave you a task each day that was a step to break away from technology. It is aimed towards phones but I also used it as a way to spend less time on screens in general.

At first I did not think I had a problem with technology but the second she said we would be deleting social media apps from our phones I immediately in my mind denied I had a problem and became worked up about deleting social media apps.  Throughout the 30 days we were assigned small tasks to work on throughout the day and the following weeks such as tracking your phone usage with an app and then comparing the results to how much you thought you used your phone. Another thing we did was rearrange the way our apps were shown on our screen so that only useful apps appeared and you had to go looking for apps that made you lose track of time or start scrolling mindlessly. All of these tasks were leading up to taking a 24-48 hour break from all types of screens. I chose to do a 24 hour period from a Friday evening to Sunday Morning. During which time I cleaned and organized a large portion of my apartment and then spent the rest of my time enjoying the Harry Potter series.

Throughout this process of slowly “breaking up” with technology I have come to appreciate the simple things. For instance, I love reading books and I used to spend a full day of doing nothing but binge reading a good series. Then I went to college during the height of Netflix and Hulu binging and I do not think I read a single book for pleasure. Simply because I would instantly turn to technology to amuse myself. It also made me realize that if I want to truly make changes towards a more balanced, healthy lifestyle I need to stop relying on technology for so much and start paying attention to the world around me. I enjoyed spending time away from technology so I have a goal to take 24 hours off of all technology, minus phone calls, each week or at the very least every other week. It was fun to think of all the different things I could do with my time that I never seem to have time for because I spend all of my time at work on the computer and then at home on the computer and in between that time or during my “breaks” I would be on my phone.

Overall, I realized I definitely had a problem and am still working on expanding my hobbies and my entertainment to things outside of technology related activities. I would recommend you try a technology detox or at the very least download an app that tracks your usage in the background so you can get an accurate idea of how much time you spend on your phone, it may surprise you. Comment below how much time you think you spend on your phone or computer not related to a job.


March Favorites

It’s a little late but here are some of my favorite things from the month of March!

  1. Herbalife Protein Cookie Dough: Towards the end of this month someone came up with the idea of using our Herbalife protein powder to create a mock cookie dough. It is supposed to be a meal replacement but I have found that cutting the recipe in half and having it as a dessert at the end of the night is amazing. It is a healthy substitute for cookies or ice cream and it can be made within a few seconds.
  2. Trader Joe’s: This month I have tried many of Trader Joe’s vegan options such as their vegan queso and soyrizo. I have been obsessed and keep going back to get more and more. I think their vegan options are amazing and most of my meals this month have focused around them.
  3. Harry Potter: This month I have been trying to read as much of the Harry Potter series since my friends said it was necessary. I never read them as a child so my friends insisted it was a must. I have been spending most of my free time reading them and I am more motivated than ever to finish the series after this month.
  4. Netflix Date with Friends: For the month of March, a friend and I have started to have netflix dates where we meet at one of our apartments and watch Gilmore Girls together while eating yummy vegan snacks. It has been a very relaxing way to catch up with each other and I truly hope they continue.
  5. Cat Cuddles: My cat Elle has been very cuddly this month so I have been making it a priority to cuddle with her every morning and every night before bed. It always helps me relax after a stressful day and it helps my cat stay well adjusted to her new location.

Superfood Review

Hello and Welcome to Wellness Wednesday! Today I will be reviewing a superfoods blend I recently purchased to increase my overall health. I decided to try the Amazing Grass Green Superfood blend. It comes in a powder that is supposed to last for 30 days. You add one scoop to water, juice or smoothie once a day. I chose the Green Superfood blend mainly because it contained spirulina, chlorella, maca, and a pre and probiotic as well as many other superfoods. I was specifically looking for spirulina, which is a form of bacteria that is high in nutrients and supports immune health. Chlorella is a form of green algae that is known to clear out toxins from your body. I also wanted a pre and probiotic to support gut health. This particular blend had all that and more. I decided to try the berry flavor thinking it would mesh well with smoothies if need be. I have been taking the blend every morning for the past 2 weeks and it is disgusting. It comes out a swampy green color and does not dissolve well. It has a faint taste of berries but mostly just burns my throat. I have resorted to mixing in some crystal light so I can actually drink it. I have tried it in a smoothie once or twice which did help conceal the flavor but not completely. There was still an undertone of ick that I cannot identify. I have noticed that my gut health might be improving because TMI ALERT I have been going to the bathroom more regularly. Overall, I think it is working but it tastes disgusting so I would maybe try it in different flavors.


Wellness Wednesdays!

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday! I want to start posting about health and wellness more so every so often I am going to share some tips and facts about wellness! This Wednesday I wanted to give an update on one aspect of my life. Over the last couple of years, I have had a growing interest in health and wellness. I showed an interest in becoming a dietician but this January I decided the next step in my journey was to enroll in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition! IIN is an online health coaching certification course that is a year long and based around a holistic approach to health. The graduates of IIN go on to do a plethora of things ranging from health coaching, investing a product, opening a restaurant, and more. I have not decided what I would like to do in the future but I have been toying with opening a wellness education center or restaurant where people can come have a healthy meal, get one-on-one health coaching, or provide education to the public about health and wellness. Whatever I choose I am looking forward to this journey.

“The thing that is scariest to you, is the thing that is most important.”


February Faves!

Hello everyone! We have made it through another month of 2019! This post is a wrap of the month of February with a breakdown of my five favorite things from this month.

  1. Warm Tea: This month has been cold and stressful so I have been enjoying a warm cup of tea at the beginning of each day. It not only warms me up but provides a few minutes to simply relax and slowly start my day. For anyone who is interested, I use tea and aloe from Herbalife in a variety of their flavors.
  2. Sunrises: This month has been grey and gloomy where I live which is why this month I have been enjoying the rare sunny mornings. I love walking out of my apartment to see the sun and to enjoy the beautiful colors of the sunrise on my drive to work. It creates a few moments of peace and reminds me to appreciate the little things in life.
  3. Chats with Coworkers: This month I have been trying to make more of an effort to connect with my coworkers and have a positive mindset. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know more about the people I work with and learn more about different life perspectives.
  4. Dinner with Friends: Living alone makes me appreciate social outings more than I ever have before. I never minded being alone before but now that I have no roommates to chat with at random I have grown fond of making friends and socializing a priority. My favorite way to do this so far has been to grab some good food and have a chat.
  5. Bondi Rescue: I have a weakness for strange and random shows I find on the internet. One of the shows I stumbled upon is called Bondi Rescue that follows the lifeguards of Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. I had watched the show before this month but my interest picked back up again this month and for the last two weeks of February began rewatching episodes and even reading fanfiction about it.

Let me down below what some of your February favorites were!


19 for 2019!

  1. Run a 5k
  2. Run a 10k
  3. Run a 10-minute mile
  4. Try 12 new workouts
  5. Save $5,000
  6. Volunteer at least once a month
  7. Read 24 books
  8. Finish the Harry Potter series
  9. Start a blog
  10. Learn American Sign Language
  11. Learn photo-editing
  12. Learn to sew
  13. Visit another state
  14. Complete a Fall Color Tour
  15. Watch a movie each week
  16. Reduce my plastic use/Switch to glassware
  17. Go Ice Skating
  18. Start a cookbook
  19. Get a tattoo

Strikethrough means successfully completed!

What are some of your goals for 2019? Comment them down below!


January’s Fave Five

Happy February! We made it through January:) This post will be a wrap up of January with my top 5 favorite things from the month, so enjoy and let me know in the comments below what your favorite thing was in January!

  1. Sweaters: I live in Michigan where it can get cold and snowy so fuzzy sweaters are a must in my wardrobe this time of year. I honestly don’t think I wore anything other than sweaters.
  2. Boxing: I found myself feeling incredible after completing a boxing class in the mornings. It completely made my day and I always felt accomplished on the days I attended a boxing class. It also made me feel like a badass 😉
  3. Audiobooks: I love reading but sometimes I find it difficult to sit down and read a book. However, I wanted to change that this year which is why I made a goal to attempt to read a book a week. The only way I was able to get through 4 books in January is because three of them were audiobooks. My local library also offers a streaming service with free content which is excellent for my bank account.
  4. Fanfiction: I have always read fanfiction in my spare time, however, for some reason most of my free time in January was spent reading fanfiction. I read from a variety of pre-existing series such as Sons of Anarchy and Criminal Minds but also read some original content not based off anything. I definitely see this hobby continuing but I want to balance it with real books as well.
  5. Brunch Dates: While most of the time I love saving money and make my own food, for the month of January I met up with friends for brunch dates a few times. It was incredibly nice to spend a couple hours catching up over good food. I really hope that this trend continues throughout the year because I have some amazing friends but we don’t always get to hang out as often as I would like.

23 Random Facts for my 23 years:

  1. My real name is Elizabeth
  2. My favorite colors are blue and plum purple
  3. I have a black and white long haired cat named Elle
  4. I graduated with a Bachelors in Social Work
  5. I want to do something with health and wellness, specifically nutrition
  6. I am currently attending the Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  7. My favorite food is pizza and mac n’ cheese (even the vegan versions!)
  8. I do not like vegetables
  9. I was born in Ann Arbor, MI
  10. I spent two weeks  in Cape Town, South Africa
  11. I dyed my hair purple
  12. I work with seniors
  13. I did not start reading Harry Potter until November 2018 and still have not finished the series
  14. I have three siblings
  15. My parents call me a carb-a-tarian (carbs are life)
  16. I like to bullet journal
  17. I am a homebody
  18. Candle addiction runs in my family
  19. I am 4’11”
  20. I want a tattoo
  21. I own over 100 DVDs
  22. I love junk food
  23. I am always cold…..seriously

I am always cold