March Favorites

It’s a little late but here are some of my favorite things from the month of March!

  1. Herbalife Protein Cookie Dough: Towards the end of this month someone came up with the idea of using our Herbalife protein powder to create a mock cookie dough. It is supposed to be a meal replacement but I have found that cutting the recipe in half and having it as a dessert at the end of the night is amazing. It is a healthy substitute for cookies or ice cream and it can be made within a few seconds.
  2. Trader Joe’s: This month I have tried many of Trader Joe’s vegan options such as their vegan queso and soyrizo. I have been obsessed and keep going back to get more and more. I think their vegan options are amazing and most of my meals this month have focused around them.
  3. Harry Potter: This month I have been trying to read as much of the Harry Potter series since my friends said it was necessary. I never read them as a child so my friends insisted it was a must. I have been spending most of my free time reading them and I am more motivated than ever to finish the series after this month.
  4. Netflix Date with Friends: For the month of March, a friend and I have started to have netflix dates where we meet at one of our apartments and watch Gilmore Girls together while eating yummy vegan snacks. It has been a very relaxing way to catch up with each other and I truly hope they continue.
  5. Cat Cuddles: My cat Elle has been very cuddly this month so I have been making it a priority to cuddle with her every morning and every night before bed. It always helps me relax after a stressful day and it helps my cat stay well adjusted to her new location.

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