Munchie Monday: Electric Cheetah Review

Happy Monday! Today’s Munchie Monday is a restaurant review! A friend and I spent a Saturday hanging out downtown Grand Rapids and wanted to try Electric Cheetah because it is a hyped up restaurant in our area. Nearly every college kid has been there and highly recommends it. We both have dietary restrictions, I am vegan and she is gluten free and mostly diary free. The menu had several gluten free options clearly labeled as well as vegetarian options also labeled. However, there were no clearly labeled vegan options. This was because they did not have a single vegan option on the menu which is strange because their “sister” restaurant has at least 2 vegan options everyday. I examined the menu and found that I could get a vegetarian salad without the cheese and even add tofu for an added price while remaining vegan. I considered doing that as well except for the cost. The salad was $13 as is and to add a small amount of tofu would have cost an additional $6. I typically do not eat salads and I never order them from restaurants because I think if I am going out to eat and spending what I spend for a weeks worth of groceries in one meal it should be something I don’t or can’t make at home. With that said I ended up ordering a side of french fries that was half regular fries and half sweet potato fries. Usually I don’t mind ordering just a side of fries at fast food restaurants but at this point in time I kind of expect sit down restaurants to have at least more than one side that is vegan or can be made vegan. I will state that we did not look up the menu before hand so it is entirely my own fault for not having many options but as this is a review I would have to say I would not go back and I do not think it was worth the prices. Let me know what your favorite restaurant is down below!

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