Fit Friday: Barre Wrap Up

Good Morning and Happy Friday! We have made it through another month:) This is my wrap up and first impressions from completing one month of Barre classes. I completed all of my classes at a local studio 10 minutes from my apartment called Studio Barre. I attended 4 classes per week in the evenings. I found the classes challenging because the positions feel unnatural and it took all of my focus to remain in the correct form. The movements and positions you do cause your entire body to shake and it feels as though you are going to collapse if you remain in that position any longer. With that said I have enjoyed Barre because it is difficult and you can feel the muscles working but you typically don’t sweat too much.

The community at the studio I attend is wonderful which is the part that I love the most. The instructors know every students names and are so knowledgeable about the body. They always come around and correct your form if you are not doing something exactly right and make suggestions to alter the movements if your are injured or your muscles are straining. The studio also offers workshops every few months to its members to get more detailed instructions on how to keep the correct form. I went to their most recent workshop and it was excellent! I learned so much but it was also the harder then any class I’ve taken so far. My muscles were shaking and sore within the first two minutes. They focused on what you are supposed to do with your muscles without any equipment that way when you add equipment back into it you get the most out of your workout. Overall, I highly recommend checking out a local barre class! The only thing I would be interested in is if there are other formats of barre classes. I even signed up for a monthly membership to keep going! Let me know if you have any recommendations for what fitness classes I should try next.

Since this is a new month it is time for a new fitness challenge! I loved Barre so much that I intend to keep going at least two or three times a week. On top of that I have decided to focus my efforts on training for a 5k this month since I made running several of my yearly goals. In order to afford to keep doing this challenge, I have cancelled my Planet Fitness and Orange Theory memberships. I have almost the whole month of April left at Planet Fitness so I will be using the gym to train for a 5k and since it is getting nicer outside I am hoping to train outside as well. Once those memberships fully expire, I intend to join a local gym that offers unlimited group classes as well in the monthly membership. That way I can use the group classes over the next few months for this challenge. Comment below if you have any suggestions or tips for beginner runners.

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