Fit Friday: OrangeTheory Wrap Up

Happy Friday! Today’s Fit Friday topic is wrapping up my month of OrangeTheory! After my two weeks of sickness I got right back at it and took 4 classes for the last two weeks. They were all really great classes and I thoroughly enjoyed them. There were two types of class setups that really pushed me and my dramatic self thought I might die or puke. The first was called RowGo where you row as hard as you possibly can for 4 minutes straight aiming for at least 800 meters. Once the 4 minutes are over we moved to the weight floor and proceeded to do the sets given. After that we went back to the rowers to row for 2 minutes straight were the goal was to reach at least half of what you got during the four minutes. After the 2 minutes we were back on the weight floor until the last set which was a 1 minute all out where you try to get at least 200 meters. This format made me feel exhausted and so sore. I think it is because you push yourself for each round and then only have a few minutes to recover on the weight floor before going back at it at basically an all out pace. The next type of class that pushed me the hardest was the Tornado Thursdays. Our format for these classes were actually similar to the RowGo where you went all out until 200 meters then did a floor exercise like jump squats and then repeat the cycle increasing the number of reps for the floor exercise each time. Despite feeling like I was going to puke for half the class in these instances I always felt like I left everything I had in the class and did not hold back.

Overall, I find Orange Theory to be a great workout out. I always left out of breath and was sore the next day. The coaches provide great enthusiasm, encouragement and feedback throughout the entire class. It is easy to follow because there are other people doing the same thing as you but there is always a heavy emphasis on focusing on yourself and not competing with those around you. I learned new exercises and techniques that I can apply in the gym or even doing an at home workout. I also noticed that I improved in some aspects after my 30 days. I can do more ab work then I used to such as bicycle crunches and longer planks. I also increased my all out pace from around 3.7 to 4.3 at a 15% incline. I think if you stick with OrangeTheory long enough you will definitely see more results. I had so much fun doing OrangeTheory and had such a good mindset while doing it I did not cancel my membership opting instead for 4 classes a month. I would highly recommended you try OrangeTheory at least once, especially if you enjoy high intensity workouts.

With my month of OrangeTheory over it is time to announce March’s workout! This month I wanted to try something that seemed near impossible at my level of strength, flexibility, and fitness so I choose to do Barre! Barre combines yoga, pilates, and ballet movements to increase strength and flexibility. It focuses on small movements and specific muscle groups to shape and tone your body. I was nervous to try this because it is a lot of ab work and I have zero abdominal strength. I cannot even complete a proper sit-up which is why I have never felt like I could complete a class like Barre. But here we are! So keep an eye out for an update on how my first few Barre classes go and my takeaways!

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