February Faves!

Hello everyone! We have made it through another month of 2019! This post is a wrap of the month of February with a breakdown of my five favorite things from this month.

  1. Warm Tea: This month has been cold and stressful so I have been enjoying a warm cup of tea at the beginning of each day. It not only warms me up but provides a few minutes to simply relax and slowly start my day. For anyone who is interested, I use tea and aloe from Herbalife in a variety of their flavors.
  2. Sunrises: This month has been grey and gloomy where I live which is why this month I have been enjoying the rare sunny mornings. I love walking out of my apartment to see the sun and to enjoy the beautiful colors of the sunrise on my drive to work. It creates a few moments of peace and reminds me to appreciate the little things in life.
  3. Chats with Coworkers: This month I have been trying to make more of an effort to connect with my coworkers and have a positive mindset. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know more about the people I work with and learn more about different life perspectives.
  4. Dinner with Friends: Living alone makes me appreciate social outings more than I ever have before. I never minded being alone before but now that I have no roommates to chat with at random I have grown fond of making friends and socializing a priority. My favorite way to do this so far has been to grab some good food and have a chat.
  5. Bondi Rescue: I have a weakness for strange and random shows I find on the internet. One of the shows I stumbled upon is called Bondi Rescue that follows the lifeguards of Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. I had watched the show before this month but my interest picked back up again this month and for the last two weeks of February began rewatching episodes and even reading fanfiction about it.

Let me down below what some of your February favorites were!

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