Munchie Mondays!

Happy Monday! I want to announce a new series I am creating for Life in Progress called Munchie Mondays! This series will consist of posts all about food. One format of posts I will be doing is going to be called Vegan Chopped Challenge and will be something akin to the vegan version of the Food Network show Chopped. The Vegan Chopped Challenges will consist of one of my friends randomly drawing a few ingredients out of jars and I will have to create a recipe using all of the ingredients drawn. The other format would be trying randomly chosen recipes in the vegan cookbooks I own and reviewing them. Out of respect to the authors of the cookbooks, I will not be posting the actual recipes, mainly just my overall experience. These challenges are intended to help me be more creative in the kitchen and to try new things. Feel free to follow along or recommend a recipe you want me to try in the comment section!

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