Munchie Monday: Vegan Scrapple

The first Munchie Monday challenge was a recipe chosen from the Veganize It! Easy DIY Recipes for a Plant-Based Kitchen cookbook written by Robin Robertson. My friend and coworker, Nickole randomly chose Scrapple for the first recipe to recreate. It is a vegan version of a Pennsylvania-Dutch recipe. It was a fairly simple recipe that did not take more than an hour of active cooking. You really just boil some of the ingredients, blend a few others and then combine together to chill overnight in a loaf pan. Below is a picture of the groceries I bought for the recipe and I had a lot of leftover ingredients that I could use in the future.

After setting it in the loaf pan to chill in the fridge overnight I cut it into slices and fried it in a pan. It turned out very similar to a Thanksgiving-themed meatloaf made from tofu. The sage and thyme were the dominant flavors but they were not overpowering. The recipe recommended having it with ketchup or maple syrup so that is what I did. I liked both combinations and proceed to eat it with both for the rest of the week. The outside of the loaf was crispy due to me letting it chill without covering it. The middle was mushy, almost like it had not been cooked all the way. I almost wondered if I would be better to bake it in the oven.

The next night I had the Scrapple in a sandwich which was just as good and I think the extra day in the fridge firmed the slices up a little bit because it was less mushy. This recipe estimated it would yield 12 slices but mine had closer to 16 slices and lasted me a little over a week even with me eating two pieces a night. Overall, I liked the Scrapple and would potentially make it again with different spices simply because sage and thyme are not my favorite seasonings. I think it was tasty and affordable to make and would definitely recommend trying it if you enjoy Thanksgiving-esque meals.

Tune in later on in February for a Vegan Chopped Challenge! Comment below if you have had scrapple and what recipe I should try next!

Link to Veganize It Cookbook:

Link to Robin Robertson’s Website:

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