January’s Fit Friday Challenge

Welcome to Fit Fridays! For the month of January, I challenged myself to complete a month of Boxing!!

A sport like boxing requires strength and speed and I have never considered trying it because I was never strong enough or “fit” enough. It is also a group class so I would have to learn something new, something I might not be good at in front of other people. People who are probably better at it then I am. I purchased a one-month membership for the TITLE Boxing Club near my apartment and got the required hand wraps and gloves. My TITLE Boxing Club was running a special so I got my wraps and gloves included with my one-month unlimited membership for a total of $119.

I chose to attend classes in the morning because I work an 8-5 job and I personally know I would never workout after 6pm. I attend their 45 minute Boxing class at 6:15am Tuesday and Thursday and a 60 minute Boxing class at 8:00am on Saturdays. My first class was Thursday, January 3rd but due to a medical treatment I had on Friday I could not attend another class that weekend.

However, here are some takeaways from my first class. The environment was friendly and I did not feel any judgment. They recommend you come 30 minutes early to your first class so they can teach you the basics but the gym only opens 15 minutes before the class started when I went. They might open early if you reserve your first free class but I was informed when purchasing the membership that I did not need to reserve a class going forward. The instructor wrapped my hands but did not have time to explain the basics while opening the gym and getting other new people checked in. I already had some knowledge of boxing so I knew the different punches but I felt unsure of myself the whole time. The workout was fast paced and it was a lot to keep up with but I left feeling accomplished and excited to continue. After the first class, I did not experience a lot of muscle fatigue or soreness until the day after but it was still manageable and did not interfere with my day. Overall, it was a great workout and I was ready to take on the rest of the month!

Check back on Friday for an update on how my first full week of boxing classes went!

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