Fit Fridays

Hello and welcome to Fitness Fridays! This is a series where I commit to trying a new workout for 1 month and I post my takeaways! I chose to complete this challenge because I am the queen of staying in my comfort zone. I am not a fan of trying new things because they make me nervous and I overthink things. I also have a love/hate relationship with working out. Sometimes I am totally committed and other times you could not pay me to leave the comfort and warmth of my couch. I always hear people say that working out is great **insert eye roll and skepticism** you just have to find what you like. So hopefully with this challenge I not only will be committed to working out regularly and doing things that make me nervous but also help me find my workout. The one that gets me excited to be awake and functioning at 5 am when all my friends are fast asleep. Fingers crossed!

So the rules of this self-imposed challenge are the following:

  1. Choose a workout that I have never done before
    1. Preferably one that creates feelings of doubt, nervousness, self-consciousness, intimation, and fear, etc.
  2. Complete the workout 3 days a week for 30 days
  3. No repeating workouts
  4. Try to stick to workouts that require a gym, avoid at home workouts to increase the likelihood of completion
  5. Report Stats at the beginning and end of each month for progress updates
  6. 100% Honesty

Now that the rules are laid out, keep an eye out for January’s challenge!

***Disclaimer: I do have pre-existing health conditions that may impact my ability to complete workouts. I do not foresee this happening, however, I will respect and listen to my body and if needed a doctor’s advice.

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